Something has got to change


The communal areas of a condominium and multi unit buildings speak volumes about its identity. It's the first impression potential residents and visitors receive when they see the building and walk through the front doors. Does your building tell the story you want it to? Would you like to rewrite that story? The stressful dynamic of having different parties with diverse views towards color, design and change can get complicated. Discussions can become heated. Having a neutral outside party mediate this process and defuse the tension.



What can I do for your building as a Color Consultant and Artist?


Someone to listen to the big picture. 

I would love to meet with your association, manager or director to walk through your space and discuss a new vision for your building. During this time, I take notes, measurements and photos.

Design Mediator and Guide. 

After assessing the space and hearing your views and what the scope of budget is, I draw up a proposal along with suggestions for renovating the space. This will include colors and their placement, a list of options for upgrades and additions for fixtures, furnishings and art.

I know you have a budget.

Upgrading and redesigning the look of your building is an important financial decision. There is always a budget, whether it's a few thousand dollars or hundreds of thousands. I understand you have to plan your strategy accordingly.