Why I do what I do

It's the rush as a five year of opening up a box of crayons and seeing all the possibilities that never stopped for me. Staring into a brightly woven fabric and delighting at all the variations and combinations of color, being hypnotized by the chroma of ripe fruit and flowers at a stand at a farmer's market. It's the power and nuances of color that mesmerizes me to this day.

I remember incidents in my long relationship with painting, revelations about color that have hit me on the head and changed the way I see the world. The time as a young 14 year old art student, painting a portrait and my teacher, Irwin Greenberg, quizzed me, "What color is that shadow?" I thoughtlessly half answered /asked, "Grey?"

He asked, "Did you really look?" Then I did. What I saw astounded me as though I had been blind before. Inside that shadow that fell along the model's neck were all sorts of colors. The upper part under her chin had a fuchsia reflection bouncing from her shirt. There was a violet cast next to where there was an absence of yellow incandescent light on the front edge near her throat. Towards her ear, it seemed more bluish. It was as though someone had just flicked a switch on in my brain.

As I looked around me, I saw the subtleties of hue in all the shadows across the room. Those few words to me were a gift that unleashed a joy of really beginning to understand color.

As an artist, my relationship with color through mixing paint and studying light gives me a knowledge of color that I can channel into successful design. If you'd like to read more about my professional history click here.

Based in Los Angeles, CA

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