Color is Everything

Color is an element that can be haphazardly considered during a remodel but should be considered first. Why? Color is the engine that drives the mood and look of a space to a particular direction. The color palette for a space is the equivalent of the musical notes that make up a song.

Color is the power tool in art and design that permeates our everyday lives on so many levels but is often poorly understood. Affecting our minds and emotions subliminally, advertisers use it to redefine a product or idea that we might otherwise find uninteresting or even repulsive. Unhappy is the person who thinks they'll "just paint the room white" and is ultimately stressed or sad at the outcome but has no idea why.

When color palette is not primarily considered for the purpose of a design, subsequent decisions are made in a vacuum, disconnected from the aesthetic flow of the whole. Color is a base to go back to, a hub from where all other spokes are connected.

Making color the foundation of your project provides a reference point for all aspects of an environment that need to be chosen. When this approach is taken, options for carpets, furnishings and the like become less daunting. Results remain on point within the design vision. Starting with color leaves less room for costly mistakes and provides you with a roadmap. Let me help you create that roadmap.

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