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Having spent over 20 years as a director in Los Angeles, I have worked with scores of talented scenic professionals. My wife found Nathalie through a comprehensive online search for a consultant to help her with interior colors for our hillside home. Nathalie came to our house, discussed with us what we had in mind, and put together a complete color palette together with paint chips and custom blends that was spot on. As a result I asked Nathalie's assistance in refinishing our fireplace inside and out. Once again after listening to our overall concept, she not only provided us with a product that accomplished our goal, but tradesmen artists who specialized in the finish and technique the job required. And she saved us money to boot!
I whole-heartedly recommend Nathalie to anyone wanting a design consultant with an abundance of creativity, knowledge of varied design concepts and a pleasant and can-do personality.

J.D.L. , Los Angeles, CA

My sister recommended Nathalie to me as I was torn about what color to use to paint the interior of my home. My husband and I have always picked out colors on our own so this was our first experience hiring a color consultant. Truthfully, we had no idea that such a thing existed. We were looking to use paint to brighten up our rooms and had couldn't find one simply looking at paint swatches. When we hired Nathalie, she created a custom blend color for our home. We didn't realize that this was even possible. The end result was the perfect color and knowing that it was created especially for our home that complimented our new hardwood floors, our artwork and furniture. I highly recommend hiring Nathalie as you would be pleasantly surprised at just how much she can transform your room. We were totally blown away and will never paint another room without her insight beforehand again. 

Liz M., Porter Ranch

Nathalie helped me make my little cottage apartment into a magnificent home. She understood when I told her that I was only here a year, yet I wanted the home to be comfortable. She found inexpensive ways to give the apartment a personality. Here are some of the reasons that you, too, should consider Nathalie to assist you with your home.

1. She listens. Having worked with loads of 'decorators' in my life, I realize that this is a rarity. The home reflects my personality rather than a template home that is the thumbnail of many designers.

2. I purchased one of her pieces of art, and wanted a bit of a twist to it. I wanted something like a light box behind it so that the light really pushed through the art. She was all for it! She took the ball and ran. She found the resources and made it happen (even added little 'extras' (for $30) like a dimmer switch for the LEDs behind it.

3. I had several installers for the yard and house. Some of the installers could get 'gruffy'. Nathalie handled them with charm and kindness (yet did not back down from what we wanted)..

4. She makes the experience FUN!

I highly recommend Nathalie and her professionalism to anyone.

Marilyn P., Thousand Oaks


I am practically illiterate when it comes to picking paint colors, and I really needed help when I decided to repaint the interior of my condo... So glad I found Nathalie! She had a fantastic eye for what would look beautiful in our place with the existing light, flooring and decor, and she really listened to what my husband and I had to say about our preferences. After her consultation I felt confident and excited about moving forward with the plan we created. Nathalie is also extremely personable, and I found her rates to be very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Lotti K., Van Nuys, CA


I commissioned Nathalie to create a unique portrait of our 5 year old son. We did not want the traditional type of wall hanging. We wanted an original piece of art with our son as the subject. My jaw dropped by how amazing the portrait turned out. It was hip, fresh, contemporary and at the same time very sentimental. Every time someone walks in our Craftsman home it is the topic of conversation. I loved it so much, I had another copy made for my parents. It was the perfect Christmas gift!

Thank you Nathalie for your Artistry, you have an amazing eye.

The Best Family, Los Angeles

I was introduced to Nathalie, by a friend.  I was looking for help in updating our master bedroom and bath to a more tranquil and sophisticated look.

Our master bedroom list included: wall color, carpeting, reupholstering the bedroom sofa and bergiere chair, purchasing and installing soft shades on 7 windows as well as draperies and drapery rods, installing lighting (chandelier). There were bedding details: duvet cover, bed shams, skirting, accent pillows. 

The master bathroom list included: wall color, updated bathroom fixtures from gold to nickel, updated glass shower door. 

First and foremost, Nathalie Tierce's knowledge of color is unparalleled and second-to-none. She was able to deliver many choices of color to fit our needs. Next, Nathalie and I sat down and made a plan of action that encompassed everything we wanted to accomplish along with due dates. Everything went according to plan.  

To sum it up.....it is now four years later. One project has led to many others and I haven't done one without the services and help of Custom Color and Art. In the past, I've made many costly decorating mistakes. Since using Nathalie's services, I saved money by making better and well-thought through choices...no more mistakes...no more unhappy results...no more re-dos! 

SOME of the projects include: 

Color: color consultation and color selection for every room in our home. We love the colors. 

Carpeting and Area Rug: consultation in color, style, and size for every room.

Lighting: consultation in color, style, selection, positioning. 

Art: Nathalie Tierce, has created two stunning large pieces for our home. 

It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Custom Color and Art to ALL my friends.  Working with Nathalie has been a pleasure!

Carol P., Thousand Oaks

One word describes my experience with Nathalie ... AMAZING!!! She has a great eye and sense of style.  I found her here on yelp and am so glad I took a chance with her.

I wanted to re-paint some rooms and no matter what color I put up it looked aweful ...I literally was driving myself crazy ... If you've tried to pick out paint colors you know what I'm talking about.  Nathalie to the rescue!!!!!

She came to my house and saw how the lighting changed every color and knew exactly how to counteract that so that I ended up with the color I wanted.     I liked her ideas better than my expensive interior decorator's ideas.  My room has been transformed into what I've always wanted!  

I will continue to work with her. She really is amazing and is so much FUN to work with...call her!

Karen B. , Los Angeles