Your client loves everything

but the color



The location is perfect, the bones of the house are great, it has the square footage your client was after.....but that shade of green in the living room is really freaking them out. You know it's a minor detail, but it's causing the potential buyers grief because they can't see past that horrid shade of puce.



What can I do for you and your client as an Artist and Color Consultant?


Someone to listen to the big picture. 

I would love to meet with your client to walk through your space and discuss a new vision for their future home. During this time, I take notes, measurements and photos.

Design Mediator and Guide. 

After assessing the space and hearing their views and what the scope of budget is, I draw up a proposal along with suggestions for renovating the space. This will include colors and their placement. 

I know they have a budget.

Upgrading and redesigning the look of your building is an important financial decision. There is always a budget, whether it's a few thousand dollars or hundreds of thousands. You have to plan your strategy accordingly.

How does this work?


We schedule a meeting where I do a walk through with the client. At the meeting I take photos, notes and measurements if necessary. If there are samples to be chosen on site I will do that at that at that meeting. If it is strictly a color consultation I will select the colors and provide color swatches with an indication of placement. Initial consultations are generally a minimum of 2 hours with a maximum of 4. Photoshop renderings are generally charged at $100 per view and up depending on complexity.  


How can I help?

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