As an Artist & Color Consultant I see things others don't


"What struck me while working with clients through the build process was a phenomenon that happened over and over;  no one on was on the ground directing the "big picture" of the design flow. I have seen plumbers, cabinet makers, electricians finish their work and leave new, unresolved issues. Most of the time, the individual projects did not tie into the whole. My instinct for composition and detail requires cohesion between all the different elements that come together to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. The work I do as a Color and Design Consultant is born from that background.

As an Artist I can create stunning custom works of art that are made to reflect and compliment the space it was intended for."


Let me be the Mediator between you and the craftsperson

As a maker myself, I understand and empathize with artisans.  I am a reliable bridge between you and the tradespeople.

I will negotiate between you & your spouse or team

I understand the decision making process and know how to insure that everyone has a say and the best solution is chosen.

I am the diplomat between you and your vision

I'll examine your wish list and help you create a plan that gets you to where you want to be with the budget you have.


Who are you? Let's get started here...

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