Drowning in decisions, options and choices?


Finding design solutions and art for your home can be overwhelming. Are you just getting your feet wet? Or maybe you've already dove into the design / renovation process and you feel like you're swimming upstream and sinking? Let me be your lifejacket! Managing the renovation process and making sure that the different elements reflect your style are common concerns I address and resolve to keep the process flowing smoothly. 



What do I do as an Artist and Consultant?

Decisions don't need to be hard.

Is finding that perfect color causing you grief? Don't have a color meltdown! Let's schedule a color consultation instead! Can't decide on hardwood floors or carpet? Don't be floored by choices. I'll hold your hand while we walk through the showroom. Want custom artwork as the focal point of a room, but don't know what to expect? Let me show you what it would look like in your home first with a photo composite. 

Your home is an investment. 

There is always a budget for a remodel or renovation, whether it's $1000 or $100000, you have to plan your strategy accordingly. Let's imagine that room without that couch you've been living with too long or a beautiful piece of art that makes your heart sing. 

Your home has to reflect you.

Your home is an extension of you. The environment around you should speak to you, make you happy and reflect the way you live. I'll help you find that right combination of elements that does just that.