You need a decision


Getting nowhere with your client fast? Your client is trusting you to find the solution that makes their project the best it can be. Sometimes leaving the final choice to the homeowner can be frustrating to everyone involved, causing delays in the project and adding pressure to the budget. The client is always right. For the client / homeowner deciding which tile or color is their favorite based on their own personal preference can be overwhelming for them.


Stalemate with the client

I can present the choices so that they better understand the outcome. This greatly reduces the "this one or that one" dilemma.  We can arrange an on site consultation where I do a walk through of the space and talk to them about their style preferences, the intended use and guide them towards an answer.

I've brought peace to job sites before. 

Getting crucial deadlines met while keeping everyone happy is a big part of a successful collaboration. If there are colors to be chosen, I can propose options from my color library. If there are stain or flooring samples on site, I can help them with the selection process. If they can't imagine what a fitting, fireplace or finishing detail would look like I can do a Photoshop rendering to illustrate how it will look.

How much is this going to cost you? 

Not as much as hanging around waiting for your client to make up their mind.

How does this work?


We schedule a meeting where I do a walk through with the client. At the meeting I take photos, notes and measurements if necessary. If there are samples to be chosen on site I will do that at that at that meeting. If it is strictly a color consultation I will select the colors and provide color swatches with an indication of placement. Initial consultations are generally a minimum of 2 hours with a maximum of 4. Photoshop renderings are generally charged at $100 per view and up depending on complexity.  


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