The Art of Ekphrasis

Very pleased to have my painting "Hapless Thing" included in the group show "The Art of Ekphrasis" at Blue Line Arts. The exhibit runs from January 13th to February 25th.

Ekphrasis from the Greek,  ek and φράσις phrásis, "out" and "speak" is used for the verbal description of a work of art.

Each work in this show is accompanied by the artist's own response to the work in written form.

A Portrait of Joshua

"Joshua" (detail) by Nathalie Tierce

"Joshua" by Nathalie Tierce

"Joshua" by Nathalie Tierce

It's always that way, when you do something for a living (even if you love doing it) you tend to not do it for yourself.

Suddenly enough time had gone by to make me realize it had been years since I did a portrait study of my own son, Joshua, 7.

When I asked him to pose for this, I didn't ask him to pose, because in general I find that makes people, kids and grown ups alike, freeze. So instead I talked to him about what I needed his picture for, how I would use it for reference for my painting. 

I finally got a photo that I liked with an attitude and gesture that conveyed his character.

Although I liked the slightly James Dean stance he struck, once I began working on the composition, the length of his exposed sock was distracting so I changed it.

I've made a short video where you can see the progression from sketch to drawing to finished painting.

I'm so glad I did it, I see his humor and shyness mixed with humor come through.