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A Portrait of Joshua

"Joshua" (detail) by Nathalie Tierce

"Joshua" by Nathalie Tierce

"Joshua" by Nathalie Tierce

It's always that way, when you do something for a living (even if you love doing it) you tend to not do it for yourself.

Suddenly enough time had gone by to make me realize it had been years since I did a portrait study of my own son, Joshua, 7.

When I asked him to pose for this, I didn't ask him to pose, because in general I find that makes people, kids and grown ups alike, freeze. So instead I talked to him about what I needed his picture for, how I would use it for reference for my painting. 

I finally got a photo that I liked with an attitude and gesture that conveyed his character.

Although I liked the slightly James Dean stance he struck, once I began working on the composition, the length of his exposed sock was distracting so I changed it.

I've made a short video where you can see the progression from sketch to drawing to finished painting.

I'm so glad I did it, I see his humor and shyness mixed with humor come through.