Welcome Home

front door judy.jpg

The phone call came from a long time client; her daughter (who was grown and owned her own home) was a huge fan of the sports team “The Wolverines” from Michigan U. She was determined to change the front door color in order to honor them.

While mom recognized her daughter’s passion to support her sport’s team, she didn’t want it to result in a huge design disaster.

She called me, and I found an interpretation of the team’s color, Dunn Edwards’ “San Gabriel Blue” DET557 that had the power and depth of the Wolverine’s color but also had to touch of warmth or yellow that connected it to the rest of the house.

The sweetest part of this story is the lovely note my client wrote to me after:

“Nathalie, I can’t thank you enough! My daughter learned a big lesson in color. She said you are like a scientist. I said, Yes! It is scientific - and that’s why so many people get it wrong. I think she has a new respect for me that I have a “friend” like YOU!! So appreciated, Judy