Color Adds Elegance to Hollywood Hills Home

Compliments flatter the ego. However, what makes me way happier than a great review, is the joy I get from transforming someone's space and seeing the impact it has. In this feedback left for me by a client on Yelp. His experience with the color consultation resonates with me because it echoes the feelings my other clients have articulated. The review from Yelp has been reposted below.

Photographs to follow soon!

When I redid the exterior of my house some time ago, I borrowed the colors from my broker's house, with her permission! They look great on her place, but they didn't work on mine. After living with the colors for several years and never really liking them, the time came for an update. I had some ideas of what I wanted, but as is always the case with me when it comes time to choose colors, I felt overwhelmed by the number of choices. Not to mention the many subtleties of the colors you're zeroing in on.

Enter Nathalie Tierce! Who I think I found here on Yelp. Her website describes exactly the experience that many people have in choosing paint colors-- the process is frustrating and overwhelming, and you often end up with pints and pints of hardly used samples that go straight to the hazardous waste site. This describes my previous experiences exactly. And I'm someone who's generally confident in my own design decisions, but not with paint!

When she came to my place, I had prepared some photos of exterior paint jobs I liked, and we walked around the neighborhood where I pointed out some house color combinations I liked and didn't like, and for what reason. She then went through her books of swatches and very quickly honed in on a handful of colors that seemed like the perfect choices. That's a skill that I simply don't have-- it was like watching a magician. 

My house exterior has five colors total (two are trim), and she left me with two choices for three of them, and we agreed on the other two right on the spot. I mention this because the I wasn't left with five choices for each color, which would have been a new version of my original problem of indecisiveness. Also, because of her connections with Dunn Edwards, she was able to get the samples made, in my case, for no charge.

Long story, but the project got delayed a year, and when I finally got back to it, I had her come back over for a second look once I had applied the samples to various spots. She gave a couple more recommendations, and I was able to quickly settle on the final color choices, which ended up looking great when the project was completed. 

Nathalie was very easy to work with, took my input well, came up with great recommendations, explained things clearly, and also helped with related questions like use of low satin vs. semi gloss vs. full gloss etc etc.

I highly recommend her!