Color Managing a Renovation Project


A new pool, hardscaping, exterior stucco and trim colors, a new pergola, tiles, wood stains, window awnings, all this was part of a huge renovation. 

The client, a smart lady who had invested a lot of time into doing her research into how she wanted this massive overhaul of the exterior to look, was overwhelmed when her contractor started asking her to make decisions fast and furiously. 

Translating images pulled from magazines into actual choices for cement stain and coping stones can be daunting for a homeowner.  

Overwhelmed and worried she would make a mistake, she decided to reach out and hire a professional. She found my company Custom Color and Art on Yelp and made an appointment for a site consultation.

I visited the construction site and did a walkthrough, asking lots of questions. We looked at the different photos she had saved from Architectural Digest.

Going through the different material samples I created a color palette by selecting options that formed a cohesive palette and gave her the look she was after.