Art For A Dark Corner

Print on LED mount. Art and Photo credit Nathalie Tierce

A client of mine asked if there was any way to light up a dark corner of her living room with one of my works of art. I thought she wanted to create a focal point for the room and light it with directional spot lights. That wasn't what she had in mind at all.  She really wanted to light up the area with the artwork itself. I loved the idea, I just had to figure out to do it.

Inside workings of the LEDs within the light box frame mount.

After much research I found a graphics company that could print my artwork and then weld it to canvas. From there, a sleek frame would be built to mount the canvas. Within that frame were rows of LED lights, controllable by a dimmer switch to the side.

Bob finding where the joists are behind the drywall and preparing for the installation of the light box.

Taking back the canvas to attach the support to the wall.

Tucking the canvas back in.

With the dimmable switch, the glow of the art work can be changed to suit the mood of the room. As the lights are LEDs, they pull little power and last long time. Once the light box is in place, the print can be changed out, transforming the space again.

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