Hitting the Roof with Home Renovation

A client came to me with situation of having to completely change her roof. She was in an unhappy state of mind because the workman were making steady process and there was a dizzying array options for shingles. She needed to make a decision and fast. 

She wanted help making the right choice for the roof but while we were doing that could we freshen up the front of the house? The exterior wall color was in great shape...could I choose roof shingles that complimented the main house color and change out some detail color on the shutters and front door to update its curb appeal?

The wine color of the shutters was not thrilling the homeowner. As a fan of simplicity she was even considering removing them altogether. I asked her to hang on and I would find a restrained palette that would suit her taste, work with the architecture of the house and hues of her drought tolerant garden.

From the choices in the asphalt shingles I went with one that had variation to the cool / blue side of the spectrum as well as a darker bias. This would give a little weight to the silhouette of the sloped roof line and the cooler tones would bring out the yellow ochre aspect of the sage green  more.

For the door I wanted a real pop of welcoming color and choose "Heritage Red" from Ben Moore. I choose  Ben Moore's "Twilight Zone" for the shutters to make a real statement.

The look we were after was "clean crisp and elegant". The client is happy with the results and the curb appeal of the house is amazing.

The look we were after was "clean, crisp and elegant". The client is happy with the results.