"Memory of Place"

 So pleased to have my paintings included in this issue of Empty Mirror Books. The literary/arts magazine features the work of emerging, mid-career and established writers, poets and, artists. 

Memory of Place: 8 paintings by Nathalie Tierce

I start with ripping apart issues of Architectural Digest and create dozens of collages very quickly that I make to capture a certain mood. From these compositions, I select the few that I'll develop into paintings. These are the paintings that make up "Memory of Place".

The Brilliant History of Color in Art

A lovely light read, by Victoria Finlay who also wrote Color: "A Natural History of the Palette". This book has beautiful photographs and anecdotes on the history and symbolic color. It explores things like the chemistry behind "Egyptian Blue" and how the Greeks incorporated it into their painting process.

Finlay relays how artists from prehistoric to modern eras have employed a mulititude of ingredients from pigments, gems, minerals, shells, soot to cow urine and how they were made into inks and paint.

It makes a lovely coffee table book/gift.

Rug Transforms Living Room

This living room in the heart of a Lakewood home is the main thoroughfare through the front entrance and the backyard. It also serves as the family gathering place.

It lacked something visually to tie the entire space together. My thought was the room needed a rug to create unity and add color. There would also be kids running through the house from the yard and pool, so, it needed to be durable and washable.

I found a couple of beautiful options that seemed to fit the bill.

My first choice was Loloi's Javari rug. The color palette of sage, yellow ochre, berry and red warmed the environment and melded beautifully with the neutral tones already established. Resistant to stains, it cleans easily.

 Loloi Javari Rug

Loloi Javari Rug

The second choice was a rug that had a more limited range of colors with a subtle pattern that whispered across the room. It was the contrast and scale of the texture and design that created scale and intimacy.

 Loloi Anastasia rug

Loloi Anastasia rug

Ultimately, they went with the Javari, it is such a delightful addition to their already stylish home. I'm sure they will enjoy it for years to come.

rug in living room.jpg

Color Managing a Renovation Project


A new pool, hardscaping, exterior stucco and trim colors, a new pergola, tiles, wood stains, window awnings, all this was part of a huge renovation. 

The client, a smart lady who had invested a lot of time into doing her research into how she wanted this massive overhaul of the exterior to look, was overwhelmed when her contractor started asking her to make decisions fast and furiously. 

Translating images pulled from magazines into actual choices for cement stain and coping stones can be daunting for a homeowner.  

Overwhelmed and worried she would make a mistake, she decided to reach out and hire a professional. She found my company Custom Color and Art on Yelp and made an appointment for a site consultation.

I visited the construction site and did a walkthrough, asking lots of questions. We looked at the different photos she had saved from Architectural Digest.

Going through the different material samples I created a color palette by selecting options that formed a cohesive palette and gave her the look she was after.


Studio Life

Besides the Color and Design work that I do for my clients, much of my time is spent in my studio painting.

This is a short video that describes the process of developing the concepts, compositions, and color palette that goes into the artwork.

Defining Mid Century Marvelous

Staging is the art of defining a space.

Case in point, this mid-century beauty sitting atop the Hollywood Hills in California.

Open plan, the house greets the visitor with oodles of luxurious space.

Ironically, the airy proportions could potentially overwhelm a prospective buyer. Where should the dining area be? How does seating work in what could be an area called the Living Room?

With careful thought given to the architectural layout and how people actually live; a story begins to unfold. By selecting relative size and style sympathetic furnishings; the flow and purpose of the space reveal itself.

Another helpful tool for setting the mood of a space is the artwork. Art can subliminally emphasis unique characteristics of a home (specific architectural features can be echoed in a painting) or compliment monochromatic decor can with a splash of a color.

All the artwork used in this particular staging was created by myself. The showing was a success, the home was purchased for 5.5 million.

 Entry way Hollywood Hills 

Entry way Hollywood Hills 

When a visitor entered the front door, there was no entryway, foyer or transition space to greet them.

By using black to unite and ground certain aspects of the accent pieces, namely the legs of the table, light fitting and artwork, a focal point is created against the white walls.

 Breakfast Nook Hollywood Hills

Breakfast Nook Hollywood Hills

Here, against the wonderful modernist geometric shapes at play, the rectangular window to the right was slightly ominous when in shadow. The remedy was the injection of some vibrant color and texture of the painting to the left.

 Bar Area Hollywood Hills

Bar Area Hollywood Hills

A non-descript niche became a soothing bar area, dressed with a discreet uplight that added warmth and intimacy. The painting above added architectural detail that complimented the organic curves of the tall plant to the left.

 Dining Area Hollywood Hills

Dining Area Hollywood Hills

Clean, minimalistic and elegant was the result in claiming this area for the dining space with furniture that had simple lines. Here again, the colorful shapes in the painting add playfulness to the setting. 

 Hallway Hollywood Hills

Hallway Hollywood Hills

The tone of the hallway as the transitional space from the communal areas to the bedrooms was quite staid. The art made walking through a more dynamic experience with its bold color and dynamic direction. 



The Art of Ekphrasis

Very pleased to have my painting "Hapless Thing" included in the group show "The Art of Ekphrasis" at Blue Line Arts. The exhibit runs from January 13th to February 25th.

Ekphrasis from the Greek,  ek and φράσις phrásis, "out" and "speak" is used for the verbal description of a work of art.

Each work in this show is accompanied by the artist's own response to the work in written form.