How do you solve a design problem with 

a work of art?



You want a piece of art that echoes who you are, resonates with your style and unifies the mood, look and flow of your space. Designing and creating art to complete an environment is exactly what I do.


Let me create something especially for you that fits the space

Cats in Paris

This commission came about by a client approaching me for a piece of art that would convey a story about her likes, life and pets as well as work stylistically in the space intended. After talking to her about her likes, travel experiences and other preferences, I decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot with both of her cats.

The result is an unusual juxtaposition of the ethereal semi-transparent images of her pets combined with the striking silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Done in sepia tones, it was right at home with the neutral calm palette of her living room. 

"Cats in Paris" by Nathalie Tierce

Modern Girl

Artwork that packs a color punch and able to stand up to a bold contemporary environment while telling a personal story. This is what was required for this design conundrum. I took a photo of the client's daughter that accentuated her lovely profile and integrated it with wild paint splatters. Ultimately three variations of the theme were used for this project. 

"Clarisse" portrait by Nathalie Tierce

Portrait of Joshua


Photograph and Painted Portrait by Nathalie Tierce

Kids grow up fast. What better way to capture them as they are right now than in a portrait? Let me convey their special individuality in a way that photos can not. Painting digitally, I can transfer the work to numerous types of materials, canvas, paper, metal, acrylic to name a few. 

The Queen's Necklace

The clients who contacted me for this painting have many fond memories of visiting this area in Mumbai together. In fact, the husband grew up with this magnificent scenic view of this scenery. 

Their idea was to fill he focal wall in their living room with a sweeping evening view of the bay (nearly 9 feet) . My challenge was not only to paint the iconic buildings that dot the shoreline in a way that incorporated the colors that suited the room accommodate their taste. 

"The Queen's Necklace" by Nathalie Tierce

The Queen's Necklace is the nickname given to Marine Drive in Mumbai. This 4.3 kilometer long Boulevard is a "C" shaped road along the coast with a natural bay. At night, if viewed from an elevated point, the street lights resemble a string of pearls in a necklace.

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